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Chapter 7

She sat on her balcony watching as her father showed Shiori around the grounds. She snarled her lip at her father as they passed under her. She layed her head on the table and sighed, “Father’s being too persistent with this. Rikai you have to hurry.” She looked out over the garden under her balcony. She noticed some purple iris growing plentifully around her roses. She smiled as they made her think about Rikai. She leaned her arm against the table cupping her chin in her hand as she watch the warm around dance around the flowers. She put her nose in the air to get a better smell of the flowers, suddenly she hears a knock at her bedroom door. With out moving from her chair she yells “Come in. It’s not locked.” She listened looking over her shoulder as the door clicked close.
“Sora, dear sister, I’m truly and honestly sorry. I had no idea that father was actually doing that.” Sesshomaru walked over to her, gently patting her head.
She leaned into the pat, “I know you didn’t and I didn’t mean to get so angry at you about it, but it seems like I have this inescapable fate of having to be the princess I don’t want to be.” She sighed as she watched the purple iris’ dance again in the warm breeze.
“I don’t think you will be able to escape it either, but sis, I will always be here for you. I will do anything you ask of me. Don’t forget that I’m always going to be here for you no matter what happens.”
“Take me to Sere then.” She looked at her brother and demanded this from him.
His mouth dropped open slightly, “You know that Rikai isn’t going to be there so what is the point?”
Sighing she knew he was right, “I don’t know just the fact that I want to be away from this. From the pressure of being what I don’t wanna be.” She layed her chin on the table.
Sesshomaru sat down in the chair across from her, “Wait just a little bit sis, it might be a little bit and I will do my best to stall the wedding and turn father’s attention to something else, but just bare with me please. I need you to have faith in me and you need to have faith in Rikai as well. He won’t let you get married to anyone other than him, and you know it. So don’t worry ok?”
She smiled at his words knowing that there was truth in them, “Ok Sessy. I will hold on as long as I can all the way up till the wedding day. If this is what you ask of me than I will do it!” She hugged her brother tight around his stomach.
Sesshomaru smiled and patted her head, “Thanks little sis. Now lets appease father and get him to back down just a little.”
She nodded, “You got it!” She smiled at her big brother then continued to stare at the purple iris’. Rikai I can’t wait to see you when ever you get done, hopefully I won’t be married by that time. She stood and leaned over her balcony smiling she decided to volt over the rail, landing on her feet. She saw her father and Shiori not too far away from her. “Father, I’m sorry that I acted so rashly last night, if this is who you wish me to marry then I can do that I suppose.”
Her father smiled, “Well that’s great news! I will begin the wedding preparations as soon as possible.” He leaned down to hug her and she kinda bit her lip not wanting to say anything that could possibly make matters better or worse at this point. As her father let her go she smiled a fake smile to appease him. “Well maybe you too should get to know each other better then I suppose.” She nodded at her father as he walked away. Both her and Shiori looked at each other, she had finally gotten a good look at him. No wonder her father wanted to marry her off to him he was very handsome. Maybe just a couple years older than she was. His hair was a little messy, but it was tied at the nap of his neck letting the long locks flow down past his hips. He had his dragon armor on and his abs caught her attention as she blushed. She had seen Rikai’s in the hot springs but she had never seen another mans. He smiled at her, his smile actually seemed sincere because it reached his eyes. She looked into his eyes, fiery crimson, just like Rikai’s. This man was going to possibly take the place of him and she didn’t want that, but that smile she just couldn’t look away from him, but there was something different about him and she just wasn’t able to find it. “Sora-chan, are you ok?”
Her voice was caught in her throat, she didn’t think that his voice would be so smooth yet so deep. She looked away from him the blush on her face more pronounced. “Yes I’m fine.” She turned to smile at him, “Well maybe later we can get more acquainted with each other?”
“Yes that would be just fine with me. I’m feeling a bit tired anyway. See you at dinner?” He held out his hand to her and she placed hers in his he gently kissed her knuckles. She blushed again, but this time he get to see it. He smiled at her and gently let her hand go as he walked away.
She looked up at her balcony to see Sesshomaru still standing there watching the entire thing. She puckered her lips and glared at him, “And you couldn’t come down and save me?”
Chuckling he said to her, “If I would have tried to stop it it wouldn’t sounded so convincing.” He chuckled more at her.
She screamed at him, “I hate you, Sessy.” She smiled and shook her head afterwards. She watched as Shiori was already making his way across the court yard. She smiled, “Maybe dinner with the prince of dragons won’t be so bad.”  
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I would love to do a collab with my bestie :icontsukiko74: cause lately it's been a struggle with a lot of crap and I would just like to be able to sit down with her and draw.....
Chapter 6
I Will Wait For You

Rikai had her hand in his as they walked through the forest to get her back home. She had a pouty face the entire time, but she knew that it was mainly to keep her safe so that she could see him again. She blushed as she noticed how warm his hand was. He stopped for a moment and looked down at her.
“Are you ok?”
She nodded, “I’m fine, I just don’t wanna leave you cause I don’t know when we are going to see each other again, and I don’t think my father will wait around forever.”
He stepped closer to her and placed his finger under her chin making her look up at him, “Look I will only be gone for a little bit, so don’t worry too much. I won’t let anyone else have you. You’re my one and only. I promise you that little bug.”
She blushed some more, “Ok!” She leaned up and kissed him and he pulled her closer to him placing his arms around her waist not wanting to break this kiss, but he had to get her home. There were things following them in the forest and he didn’t want her to get hurt, because of his feelings for her. He knelled down, “Here get on my back and I will piggy back you home.” He smiled as he said this.
She gigged, slowly wrapping her legs around his waist then her arms around his neck. He smirked at her over his shoulder, “Hold on little bug!” He grabbed her hands as he suddenly picked up speed and took off through the trees. Jumping off the branches, “Little bug you ok?” She nodded her head keeping it against his back as he kept running and jumping from the branches. “We are almost there!” She clenched onto him tighter and should could smell the scent of her father now.
Rikai slowed down to just a walk now. He stopped and let her down just to scoop her up in his arms. She blushed as she smelled him. His scent smelled like herbs and maybe a musty smell. She looked away to see her home. She didn’t want to leave him, but she knew she had to for his safety and hers. There at the entrance stood her father, his arms crossed and his face scrunched up in displeasure.
Sora looking ashamed of herself looked down at her hands as Rikai put her down. “Hello father?”
Toga’s face was serious as she walked past him. He watched his daughter as she kept walking into the castle. He turned back to Rikai and smirked. Rikai nodded before turning to leave looking over his shoulder, watching Sora as she walked away.
Sora looked over her shoulder to notice that Rikai was watching her. Smiling she kissed the air and blew it to him. His heart throbbed in his chest, clutching his chest he kept walking. He hoped that he walked away from what might happen in just a little while.

She ran to her room to watch as Rikai left, “Don’t forget me!” She yelled out from her balcony.
Smiling he looked up at her, “There’s no way that I could forget you little bug.”
She ran over to her vanity and grabbed the jade comb with the sakura blossoms still attached. She tossed it off her balcony toward him hoping that he would catch it.
Smirking he ran up to snatch it out of the air. “When you come back I will give you something more than my comb.” A slight blush came across his face. “I look forward to it, Sora, but I must be going now.” She nodded as she watched him leave. She sat there on her balcony feeling empty. She got up decided to walk over to her bed flop down. “So now I’m stuck here with my father and brothers.” Sighing she falls asleep waiting for whatever might happen next.

Later that evening when she awoke she heard a light tap at the door. “I will be there in just one moment.” She shouted as she flung off her comforter and stopped her way to her bedroom door. She cracked it open to see who it was, none other than her older brother Sesshomaru. “What are you doing knocking a my chamber door?” She raised an eye brow at him.
“I came on father’s behalf, he wanted to let you know that dinner was ready.” He gave a small smirk, one that he only shared with her.
Sighing she opened the door, “Fine tell father that I will be there momentarily. I’m not sure if I want to change into something more suitable or not.”
Sesshomaru looked her over quickly, “This should be fine it’s not like anything about you is messy or dirty. Except your hair.....” He reached out and brushed her messy blue hair away from her face to show how truly pale she was in the moon light.
She tried to shy away from his touch, but decided not to. He would be the only person that she could talk to about her problems and her conflictions about how she felt about Rikai. “I don’t know I kinda like it this way ya know.” She smiled at her brother.
He smiled back at her, “Well are you ready for dinner then?”
She nodded and walked past him, “Well then lets get going!” She ran down the stairs and into the dinning room. When she got there she noticed someone other than her father and her other brother, Inuyasha. “Father who is this?”
Taisho looked away from the guest that was sitting beside him “Sora this is, Shiori of the dragon clan to the south.” Her father smiled at her politely motioning her to sit beside him.
Her face turned from surprise to straight up anger. She turned around to bump into Sesshomaru who was just coming into the room, “You knew didn’t you?! You were just going to let this happen instead of telling me what was going on?!”
He looked away in shame, not able to say anything to his little sister.
She turned to her father, “How dare you do something like this to me. I’m not interested in any of these men you bring around here.”
He stood the table shook under him, “You will not disrespect me. You’re not going to marry Rikai, he’s older than you and that doesn’t sit well with me.”
Tears started bursting from her eyes, “But daddy I love him and you can’t stop me from loving him!”
“I can make sure you never see him again!” He slammed his fists onto the table. “You’re a princess, you can only marry another royalty. Rikai isn’t royalty!”
She bit her lip drawing blood trying not to let her father’s words bother her, but the words he said were true. She turned away, “I’m not hungry. I’m just going to go back to my room.” She looked up at Sesshomaru as she walked past him giving him a dirty look. She sobbed all the way back to her room the tears rolling down her cheeks. Flopping on her bed she clung to her pillows. “Rikai if you don’t hurry and come back, I may have to marry someone and never see you again.” She cried herself to sleep.
So I'm drawing here and there but its difficult to draw when I don't feel inspired to. With my best friend coming around it helps, but oth
er than that I really don't feel like drawing. I'm in that slump again I guess you could say.....
30 deviations
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I would love to do a collab with my bestie :icontsukiko74: cause lately it's been a struggle with a lot of crap and I would just like to be able to sit down with her and draw.....


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